Transportation Service Solutions

Southeastrans’ transportation management methodologies provide a high quality, yet cost-effective solution for managing a large volume of scheduled and demand non-emergent, medical transportation needs.  The company provides a range of services and solutions to promote safe and reliable transportation while being mindful of cost for our contract agencies and organizations.  As a broker for NET services, Southeastrans integrates the following functions into a seamless transportation management system:

Call Center Services

  • Centralized Call Center for maximum efficiency
  • Gatekeeping (assess eligibility, medical necessity, & transportation need)
  • Authorize, schedule, and assign trips
  • Utilization of cost-effective transportation alternatives
  • Maximized utilization of mass transit
  • Specialized software with geo-coding functionality for accurate trip distance determination
  • 24/7 Dispatch for urgent trips (hospital discharges, etc.)
  • Call Centers located in Atlanta, Chattanooga, and Little Rock

Information Technology

  • Proprietary NET Management software with scalability and customization for specific contract requirements
  • Telecommunications systems utilizing the latest VoIP for maximum efficiency and stability
  • Provider Web Portal for trip assignments, payment information, and reports
  • Proprietary Mobile Technology using tablets and smart phones in vehicles to electronically document pick-ups and drop-offs with automated time and geo-code stamps to accurately validate trips performed by provider network


Transportation Provider Network

  • Establish a comprehensive network of transportation providers
  • Coordination with transit agencies, community service boards and other local transportation resources
  • Contracts requiring strict performance, quality and safety standards
  • Rate negotiation for best value
  • Development of Volunteer Driver and Gas Reimbursement Programs
  • NET Provider Assistance Programs (fuel cards, vehicle purchasing, etc.)



  • Credentialing for all transportation providers prior to admission to the network
  • Criminal background, drug, OIG, sex offender registry, and motor vehicle record checks
  • Liability insurance standards and monitoring
  • Field monitoring of service delivery
  • Annual mandatory vehicle inspections
  • Proprietary database management of expiration dates for all required documents, certifications and credentials

NET Training

  • Certified Instructors can provide required NET Provider training
  • NET Provider Orientation Classes
  • Defensive Driving Course
  • Passenger Assistance Training
  • First Aid and CPR
  • Wheelchair Lift Operation
  • Passenger Sensitivity and Assistance

Quality Management

  • Stakeholder Advisory Committees
  • Complaint management and resolution
  • Full-time Quality Management staff within each state office
  • Monthly customer satisfaction surveys by independent agency

Administration and Reporting

  • NET Provider payment administration with electronic payment option
  • Compliance hotline for reporting fraud, abuse, and non-compliance issues
  • Data capture and statistical analysis
  • Standard and custom report capabilities
  • Monthly, quarterly, and annual state agency reporting

Utilization Review

  • The primary purpose of the Utilization Review Department is to review member transportation requests that are outside of the mileage guidelines of the member’s residential county, for both demand and standing order transports
  • Ensures that transportation requests are to Medicaid billable services and or locations
  • Ensures that Southeastrans is in compliance with our NEMT contract
  • Issues member Behavioral and No-show letters when warranted, as a result of provider Inquiries
  • Review and make approval or denial determinations for Facility ID Request forms, submitted when healthcare facilities want to request standing order transportation for applicable members

For more information about Southeastrans and the range of services we offer, please contact Benjie Alexander, Chief Administrative Officer at 678-510-4507 or by email at