Dena Adams-McNeish

Chief Development Officer

Since 2018, Dena has been instrumental in developing impactful initiatives for Southeastrans, including our Quality Management program and its governing Quality Management Committee; our Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion program; as well as establishing our sister company, Verida – a Transportation Network Company (TNC) specifically designed to serve more vulnerable populations.  Her work and leadership have been instrumental in positioning Southeastrans for growth while assuring that our mission remains member focused. 

 Dena’s philosophy is very simple, “Our industry is quickly evolving, with technology being front and center.  While this is a good thing, we are careful to remain member focused and use our cutting edge technology in a way that first and foremost serves the member. They are why we do what we do.”

 Dena leads our business development and marketing teams, with the mission of positioning Southeastrans as the best choice for non-emergency medical transportation services in the Medicaid and Medicare space.  As the Chief Development Officer, Dena leverages the broad and comprehensive knowledge she has gained over the past three years to drive business growth, while continuing to support our member focused services, and an inclusive corporate culture. She is a graduate of Belmont University, where she earned degrees in Journalism and Political Science, and is currently pursuing an Executive MBA at Georgia State University.