Mississippi Facilities

Southeastrans values our partnership with the medical community to ensure Non-Emergency Medical Transportation (NEMT) is provided to members who require transportation assistance and understands our role as the critical link to covered healthcare services.


The Mississippi Facility Portal is Open for Registration.

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State Special Services Representatives Contact Phone
Mississippi 1-888-822-6102

Destination Information:

  • The address, phone number and doctor’s name or name of the medical facility the member is attending
  • Member’s mobility status (ambulatory, wheelchair, BLS, or ALS)
  • An emergency contact’s name and phone number

Helpful Information:

  • Non-emergency medical transportation is a shared-ride service. Therefore, a member may be riding with other passengers picked up at or near your pick-up location.
  • Transportation is available to services in member’s home community. Travel outside a member’s home community is available only when those specialized services are not available within member’s home community.
  • One adult escort or attendant may accompany a member if he or she has the same origin and destination as the rider and requires assistance for some medical reason. Escorts MUST be requested when scheduling the appointment.

Nursing Homes:

  • Door to Door Service: Transportation for ambulatory and wheelchair riders are provided door to door service, which means that the patient is to be ready in the lobby area or entrance of the facility.
  • Attendants/Escorts: For patients/members that are frail, have dementia, or need additional assistance, an attendant/escort is required to accommodate the rider to and from the appointment.

General FAQs:

  1. How does a member qualify for non-emergency medical transportation?
    The member must be eligible for services on the date of service and have no other means of transportation to their appointment.
  2. How do I request a ride for a member?
    Southeastrans Customer Service and Special Service Representatives can assist with obtaining transportation.  Please use the telephone numbers listed on Member Resources page.
  3. Can I set up a trip on-line?
    Yes, Facilities can use the Facility Portal to schedule transportation online.  Go to www.southeastrans.com/facilityportal to enroll.
  4. What information is needed when I request transportation?
    Please have the following information ready for the Customer Service Representative when you call: If you are missing any of the information below, you will be asked to call back with the complete information.
    – Member’s full name, phone number, address, date of birth and COUNTY of residence
    – Member’s Medicaid/ID number as it appears on the Medicaid/ID Card
  5. How do I request a Standing Order?
    Forms for Standing Orders are located on the Facilities Forms page.
  6. How do I file a complaint?
    Feedback regarding services provided by Southeastrans can be submitted using this online form.
  7. Where can I obtain forms?
    Forms are located on the Facilities Forms page under the state of Mississippi.