Arkansas Providers

Transportation Provider Line: 1-501-954-8900

Southeastrans understands the challenges of providing transportation services because many of the employees at Southeastrans were once transportation providers.   As a Transportation Broker we know that it requires great providers to provide great transportation experiences.  Southeastrans provides leadership, support and technology to the transportation providers in our network that fosters a culture of excellence.

Southeastrans contracts with independent transportation providers to deliver a range of transportation services within our transportation service programs. Ambulatory, wheelchair, and stretcher transport services are often needed to meet a variety of non-emergency medical transport needs. Qualified transportation providers are invited to contract with Southeastrans in areas where there is a need for transportation resources.

Transportation companies desiring to join Southeastrans’ network of transportation providers must complete the Application Process.  Forms are provided at the forms section of this site.  Use the link to the left to access your state specific forms.   Southeastrans does not guarantee a contract and strongly discourages prospective providers from expending funds for vehicles, insurance, or other contract requirement items prior to formal acceptance into Southeastrans’ transportation provider network.

Cindy Washington

Arkansas State Director

Kristy Evans

Provider Relations Manager

11 Corporate Hill Dr.
Little Rock, AR 72205