Volunteer Drivers

The Medicaid program provides transportation for medical purposes. Many members in your community use the program and could use the assistance that you may provide as a Volunteer Driver. With your insured personal vehicle, you will receive training that will allow you to provide transportation to neighbors that need to see a physician, have a medical procedure or see a specialist.

As a Volunteer Driver, benefits include paid mileage for all miles that you drive, assigned daily trips (Monday-Friday), and the satisfaction of helping your neighbor.

If you are interested in learning more, please contact:
Georgia |  Todd Robinson at toddrobinson@verida.co  (470.502.0204)
Virginia |  Renee Shafer at rshafer@southeastrans.com

Credentialing Process

We begin our partnership with each prospective Volunteer Driver through the completion of a four-step credentialing process. Volunteer Drivers are asked to (1) complete and submit a Request for Qualifications application, (2) submit all required business documents, (3) participate in vehicle inspections & driver training, and (4) attend a NEMT Provider orientation.

Step 1 | Submission of Volunteer Driver Request for Qualifications
  • All interested drivers must complete and submit a Volunteer Driver Request for Qualifications form.
  • Southeastrans will review applications to determine if there is a need for new drivers in the region where you are located.
  • If a need exists within your service area, Southeastrans will contact you and request that you proceed with Step 2 of the application process.
Step 2 | Submission of Required Documents
  • If a need exists for drivers in the proposed area, Southeastrans will request additional documentation to determine if you meet Southeastrans’ requirements.
  • The additional areas of documentation include, but are not limited to, the following:
    • Verification of auto insurance coverage
    • Driver credentials
    • Criminal background checks
    • Current drug screens
Step 3 | Vehicle Inspections and
Driver Training
  • After a driver provides evidence of compliance with all requirements, the vehicle under consideration must pass a comprehensive safety inspection.
  • Southeastrans will schedule vehicle inspection once all the documentation requirements in Step 2 are fully satisfied.
  • Additionally, the driver must successfully complete an approved  training session (First Aid, CPR, Defensive Driving, Passenger Sensitivity and Customer Service Training, Spill Kit Training, Proper Lifting Techniques, Wheelchair Securement, and Driver Orientation).
Step 4 | NEMT Provider Orientation & Contracting
  • After the vehicle and driver have met all requirements, the driver must complete an Orientation Session conducted by Southeastrans staff. This session covers all operational requirements.