Preserve NEMT through H.R. 3935 (the Protecting Patients Transportation to Care Act) 

The non-emergency medical transportation (NEMT) benefit is a staple of the Medicaid program and is often the only way our country’s most vulnerable citizens can access critical healthcare services. Without it, many of these beneficiaries simply have no other transportation options.

Multiple healthcare stakeholders, including Southeastrans and MTAC, have joined forces to ask Congress to preserve this benefit by passing H.R. 3935, the Protecting Patients Transportation to Care Act. This legislation recognizes what has been longstanding policy and requires states to implement a prior authorization or utilization management process as part of their NEMT program, and as a prerequisite to receiving federal support. This will help guarantee that NEMT services are provided only to those beneficiaries with true needs while ensuring that the benefit is efficiently managed.

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