October 6, 2016, Atlanta, Georgia – Southeastrans has been selected as one of the State of Georgia’s Transportation Providers to aid in the evacuation of wheelchair and stretcher-disabled members who otherwise would have extreme challenges moving quickly to get out of the path of deadly Hurricane Matthew which is approaching Florida and Georgia coasts. “We have partnered with the State of Georgia and GEMHSA to be a paratransit provider for designated disabled members living on Georgia’s coast.  We take this responsibility very seriously and are glad to assist in any way we can,” comments Chief Operating Officer, Rob Zachrich of Southeastrans, Inc. “We currently have staff located at the State Operations Center in Atlanta working with GEMHSA teams where we have strategically deployed nearly 50% of our wheelchair enabled vehicles to the Savannah area,” says Zachrich. Currently Southeastrans and its Transportation Providers are transporting members from Savannah to shelters throughout the State of Georgia. Hundreds of people are currently being transported and those numbers are increasing by the minute. Southeastrans has 4 staff members at the State Operations Center plus multiple teams coordinating at our corporate office, working around the clock to support the state’s efforts to save lives during the course of this storm. “This is not a region we normally operate in but we’re committed to supporting Georgia and helping disabled individuals in need of transportation,” says Southeastrans CEO and President, Steve Adams. “This is our line of business and we do it because we care about those we transport. We are prepared to extend ourselves to help save those in harm’s way and we appreciate the state of Georgia for relying on our resources at a critical time such as this,” comments Adams.

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Southeastrans, Inc. was founded in 2000 as a transportation management company specializing in efficient and innovative delivery of human transportation services. Southeastrans manages a range of transportation programs including Medicaid non-emergency medical transportation, human service center transportation, and managed-care organization transportation services. Southeastrans currently coordinates over 3 million non-emergency medical trips annually under contracts in Georgia, Tennessee, Arkansas, Louisiana, Virginia and the District of Columbia. For additional information about Southeastrans, please visit www.southeastrans.com.

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